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How to Take Care of Your Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Handbag

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If you are a woman who loves great style, then you probably have a few – or more than a few – choice items from Louis Vuitton. These items might include a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas handbag.After all, the Damier Azur is a big favourite among LV fans for it is simple, fresh, and youthful look.

Owners of Louis Vuitton Azur Canvas handbags often find that their new purses look great but are a bit tough to keep clean.Because the Damier Azur has a lot of white areas, it can be a bit more of a challenge to care for than the darker versions of the Damier material.This doesn’t mean you should avoid buying pieces in Damier Azur, however.All you have to do is to take extra care of your handbag.Here are some tips that will teach you how.

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1.Avoid stains.Obviously, the best way to keep your Damier Azur bag in pristine condition is to avoid stains in the first place.There are many things that could damage a light-colored bag, from coffee stains to makeup residue on your fingers.The Damier Azur is also prone to color transfers from your clothing.Try not to carry your Damier Azur handbag when you’re wearing a new pair of denim jeans to avoid the dark-blue dyes from coming off on the white canvas.Do not put your bag on the floor either; use a bag holder instead. Do not take your handbag on trips to the salon, as it might get damaged from snippets of chemical-treated hair or cosmetic dyes.

2.Remove stains promptly.If you do get stained, make it a point to remove the stain quickly.The longer the stain stays on your bag, the harder it will be to remove.Unless the stain is a large one or has managed to soak into the material, you can usually remove it with a few items that you already have with you.

For minor dirt and stain removal on a Damier Azur handbag, you can use some baby wipes.Wet wipes for babies are especially formulated to be mild and alcohol free, so make sure you don’t use regular wipes instead.A clean pencil eraser can also remove most mild dirt stains on the canvas portion or the piping.Make sure it’s a good quality eraser and that it doesn’t have any dirt or lead on it.

3.Store your bag properly.You’d be surprised at how much damage incorrect methods of storage can do.To keep moths away from your bag when storing it for long periods, wrap it in bubble wrap and stuff the interior with paper to help it keep its shape.Put the bag inside its dust cover or a pillowcase to keep it nice and clean.
These simple tips for taking care of your your Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas handbag should be very useful in keeping your designer purchase in mint condition, so make sure that you take them seriously.

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